MDWK Worship - AKA

MDWK Worship - AKA

MDWK Worship - AKA
October 21
6:00 PM to 7:15 PM

This is our midweek youth service for 7th-12th grade in the h2o Student Center.  Doors open at 5pm, dinner is served at 5:30 and service begins at 6.

Big Idea of the Series: This four-week series examines some unique name changes in the Bible. These name changes exemplify what it looks like when God calls people to exercise faith in him, as well as how he desires to use them to accomplish his greater purposes. We all come to Christ with baggage and sin. Jesus doesn’t just want to make our lives easier; he wants to transform us from our old self to a new creation. 


100 West Main St. | Lavaca, AR 72941