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6 Weeks of Discipleship

We are so excited to be offering these 6-week discipleship classes starting on February 5th! Please read the descriptions of the 3 classes being offered below and select which you'd like to attend. 

  • If multiple people from your family are planning to attend the same class, click the "Register Here" button for that class and select how many family members will be attending that class. 

  • If members of your family would like to attend different classes, you will need to register each member of your family individually by clicking the "Register Here" button for the desired classes below. 


Location: TBA


If you're seeking a better grasp of financial management and how to use your money to honor God, this class is for you!  The Bible has a lot to say about money, and this class will teach powerful principles and offer practical assistance to help your family reach financial freedom. 


Location: TBA


Do you know how to get the most from God's Word?  Do you struggle to understand the Bible as you read it?  The Word of God is life-giving for believers.  This class will teach you how to study God's Word personally.  Students will be given tools and shown helpful practices for comprehending the most important book in History. 


Location: TBA


Maybe you have people in your life that you want to tell about Jesus, but you don't know how.  This class will share easy ways of getting into Gospel conversations.  If you don't yet know the thrill of leading someone to Jesus, this class may is for you!

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