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adult sunday school classes

Adult Sunday School classes meet at 9:15 AM all across the church campus. There are 14 classes that meet each Sunday, and there is at least one small group option for every season of life!


The following descriptions should give you an idea of which class is right for you. If you have any questions or are looking for a recommendation, our First Impressions team and the church staff would be happy to assist you!

Don't know where to go for your class? You can find maps of the campus with buildings and classrooms labeled here!


Who it's for: 60s & 70s women
Led by: Carolyn gooch
Located in: B106

Ladies taking refuge in God's Word and growing together as women of faith

growing families

Who it's for: 40s, 50s & 60s Co-Ed
Led by: Bruce Womack
Located in: B102

Share laughter and tears that come with modern-day family issues in homes with teenagers and children at home

young marrieds

Who it's for: 20s co-ed
Led by: Darren smithson
Located in: B202

Married couples in their 20s, with or without kids, studying the Word together and enjoying fellowship with one another


Who it's for: college & career co-ed
Led by: Perry Newman
Located in: c206

We offer love, encouragement, wisdom, and direction for those in the crossroads of adulthood

in faith

Who it's for: 60+ Women
Led by: lynn pincumbe
Located in: c109

Mission-minded women who show the love of Jesus through sharing, laughing, praying, and studying the Word together


Who it's for: 60+ co-ed
Led by: ron smith
Located in: bldg c common area

Retirement-aged folks who strive to dig deep in the Bible and grow closer to Jesus through lively discussion


Who it's for: 18+ men
Led by: dane douglas
Located in: fellowship hall

Fellowship, Bible study, deep discussion, and a whole lot of coffee!

nearly there

Who it's for: 60+ men
Led by: Jim Bean
Located in: B105

Men intent on learning God's Word and sharing the highs and lows of senior adult living


Who it's for: 70+ women
Led by: Joyce Blair
Located in: B101

A group of ladies who are prayer warriors, love each other and God's Word, and watch over each other faithfully


Who it's for: 20S, 30S & 40S CO-ED
Located in: B201

Married couples in their 20s, with or without kids, studying the Word together and enjoying fellowship with one another

truth seekers

Who it's for: 40+ co-ed
Led by: roy dorrough
Located in: c106

Enjoy deep Biblical conversations and learning from one another while forming friendships founded on God's Word

roundtable fellowship

Who it's for: 18+ co-ed
Led by: Janet Fowler
Located in: c108

Dig deep into Scripture

and share in the fellowship of studying God's Word together


Who it's for: 30s & 40s co-ed
Led by: mark williams
Located in: c103

In-depth, verse-by-verse analysis of the Bible, deep fellowship, and encouragement through all life stages

disciple makers

Who it's for: 40+ co-ed
Led by: bob ward
Located in: the refinery

Married couples that love to take Biblical principles and apply them to our culture as we strive to be the hands and feet of Jesus

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