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Rock tutorials

for church volunteers

Using the church's database, Rock, to schedule allows us to ensure that volunteers are not overextended or overcommitted. We know it might be a little daunting or confusing to get set up initially, so here are some video tutorials to help you along! Please feel free to call the church office with any further questions.

Need help getting your account set up for the first time? This is the perfect video to start with! 

If any personal information for anyone in your family is incorrect or if it changes (phone number, address, etc.), here is a quick tutorial for updating information!

Your most common mode of receiving a scheduling request is via text message. Here is how to respond to a texted scheduling request!

Scheduling requests can also be sent via email. Here is how to respond to an emailed scheduling request!

If you have already responded to a scheduling request but need to change your response, here's an easy process to follow!

The best way to ensure that you are not scheduled to serve when you are unavailable, out of town, etc. is to block those dates off on your calendar! 

If you want to see all of your upcoming serving dates, that's an easy task. Here is how to view your serving schedule!

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